Lockton Hong Kong Receives Caring Company Award 2017/18

The Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) presented their Caring Company Award for the 2017 and 2018 year to our Associates in Hong Kong for their charitable commitment to the community.

"This is a fabulous achievement and we are very honoured," said Alex Yip, Chief Executive Officer of Lockton Hong Kong. "A big thank you to the team and all colleagues of Hong Kong in devoting their time, efforts and commitments to our community."

This is the second award in a row, after FHKI’s Industry Cares, that Lockton Hong Kong has received and shows hard work and persistence of the Lockton team in all volunteering activities.

Partnered with non-profits and charities, Hong Kong Associates have provided support and volunteer services to service animals, the elderly and children patients and many others in need during the past year.

The leader of Hong Kong Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) team, Olive Lam, discussed how volunteering can benefit everyone.

"I am so proud of our team for putting their time and effort in all the volunteering activities last year," Lam said. "It gives us not just the opportunities to serve our local community but also brings us together, boosts our Associate engagement and helps us form a more cohesive team with shared values."

By working together on various projects in the community, Hong Kong Associates build camaraderie and support the cultural values of LocktonLife.

About HKCSS’s Caring Company Scheme

The Caring Company Scheme ("the Scheme") by HKCSS was launched 15 years ago. The organization has worked on more than 4,500 collaborations with more than 480 social service organizations. Each year, many companies and organizations have been nominated for the Caring Company / Caring Organization Logo awards. In the past 15 years, the organization grew with companies and witnessed the development of a caring culture in Hong Kong. For the last 70 years, HKCSS has created various platforms to unify our society in tackling different social issues. It has brought together professionals, sponsors and volunteers from different sectors to support the advancement of social services.

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