Lockton Hong Kong Receives Caring Company Award 2017/18

We are pleased to announce that our team has been presented with Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)’s Caring Company Award in recognition of our Associates’ active participation in charity work and our company’s commitment and passion to serve the community where we live and work. This is the second award in a row, after FHKI’s Industry Cares, that Lockton Hong Kong has won and we must keep it going. It is the hard work and persistence of our volunteers in all CSR activities that accounts for it. Partnered with NGOs and charities, we have provided support and volunteer services to service animals, the elderly and children patients and many others in need during the past year. The best way to encourage team spirit is let the team work together – both within and outside the workspace. We have learnt a lot and our team would never stop to explore and give back to the society.

About HKCSS’s Caring Company Scheme

The Caring Company Scheme (“the Scheme”) by HKCSS was launched 15 years ago. The organisation has collaborated with over 480 social service organisations on more than 4,500 collaborations. Each year, many companies and organisations have been nominated for the Caring Company / Caring Organisation Logo awards. In the past 15 years, the organisation grew with companies and organisations, and witnessed the development of a caring culture in Hong Kong. For the last 70 years, HKCSS has created various platforms to unify our society in tackling different social issues and brought together professionals, sponsors and volunteers from different sectors to support the advancement of social services.

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